Cambridge Security Services Ltd, Suite 12, Middle Court, Copley Hill Business Park, Cambridge Road, Babraham, CB22 3GN Email:
Cambridge Security Services Tel: 01223 312123
Cambridge Security Services Tel: 01223-312123
About us Cambridge    Security    Services    has    been    trading    since    1999.        We    are    an    independent    and    local    company    set    up    to    provide professional and economic security, to both domestic and commercial customers.  Our   Team   has   had   over   30   years’   experience   in   the   security   industry,   specifically   around   the   Cambridge   area.      We   provide   security services to both national and international companies.  We   offer   a   wide   range   of   security   services   which   includes   Mobile   Patrols,   Keyholding   and   Alarm   Response,   CCTV   and   Surveillance Equipment and Emergency Boarding Up.  All our services can be tailored to the customer’s specific requirements.  Our   objective   is   to   supply   the   best   security   services   to   our   customers   and   to   ensure   all   of   our   staff   receive   the   right   kind   of supervision,   support   and   back   up.      We   arrange   regular   visits   with   our   customers   to   ensure   they   are   receiving   the   services   and equipment they require. A   greater   percentage   of   our   work   comes   from   customer   references   and   electronic   installer   recommendations.      We   believe   we offer a greater degree of customer awareness and satisfaction and always deliver our services to the best of our ability. Security   requirements   have   changed   dramatically   over   the   last   few   years.      Greater   technology   and   surveillance   equipment   are being   introduced   all   the   time   to   prevent   and   combat   the   risks   and   threats   of   today’s   society.      Cambridge   Security   provides   the type of security services and equipment that work alongside the requirements of today’s customer. Cambridge Security Services is a safe contractor approved company.
Cambridge Security Services
Local suppliers of Security Services to Cambridge and the surrounding area.