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This service has been well received in the local area and is used mainly by customers who do not wish themselves or their staff to be called out in the middle of the night to attend premises because of an intruder or fire alarm activation.


In the unfortunate event of a break in where the Police are not able to attend site immediately due to other incidents occurring elsewhere, it would leave the employee or employer with the prospect of confronting potential intruders.  Cambridge Security’s Keyholding and Alarm Response Service removes this unnecessary risk.


It is recommended when having an intruder alarm installed, that premises should have at least two nominated keyholders who live within 20 minutes travelling distance.  Should you take advantage of this service, Cambridge Security would be your number one keyholder, leaving your staff members free to enjoy their leisure time.   We are able to respond within the A.C.P.O. (Association of Chief of Police Officers) agreed time of 20 minutes, other than an accident or act of God.


We would require keys to your premises and information concerning the resetting procedure for your security system or fire alarm, so that in the event of an alarm activation we are ready to respond on your behalf.


We charge an annual fee for the keyholding service which covers the cost of holding your keys and ensuring there is a Security Officer available to respond to call outs 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.  It also covers administration costs.   


A call out fee is payable each time a Security Officer attends your premises.   This charge includes the first hour on site which is usually all the time that is required.  Should the Security Officer need to remain on site longer than this, for example, waiting for an alarm engineer to arrive to reset your intruder system, there will be an additional charge for every hour spent on site.


We are also able to provide emergency window/door boarding up if required, for an additional charge.

Cambridge Security Services
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