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Mobile Patrol Services we provide, can include
  • Evening Lock up
  • Internal and External Patrols
  • Morning Unlock
  • Weekend Unlock for staff or Contractors
  • Ad-Hoc Lock ups/unlock as and when required
The University City Of Cambridge has a diverse range of Companies with individual requirements. Cambridge Security Services can offer a range of services that can be tailored to suit any companies needs. 
One of  the advantages of having Cambridge Security Services, lock and unlock  premises, is that it takes away the worry and responsibility of staff having to do this, and it gives greater control, of not just your premises security, but also the control of keys/access cards.

Our Mobile Patrol Services are carried out by experienced Security Officers who have had years of experience of working in Cambridge and the surrounding areas. 
Cambridge Security Services
Tel 01223 312123
Suite 12 Middle Court  Copley Hill Business Park
Cambridge Road Babraham
CB22 3GN
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